Comic:Finding your way with a compass(图)

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【明报专讯】Eason and the Smarties have gathered together.

Eason: ”Watch this, guys! I'm going to use the compass for fortune-telling.”

Dr Panda: ”Well, in ancient China, the compass was indeed initially used for fortune-telling. ”

Pat: ”Hmm, let's see what Eason's got up his sleeve. ”

MO MO: ”Yeah, tell us what the compass has to say about our fortune. ”

Eason: ”Oh no! It says we're all going to turn into broccoli tomorrow! ”

◆Know more

A compass is a small gadget with a needle which always points to the north. The needle in a compass is like a tiny magnet. It aligns itself with the Earth's magnetic field, which is why it always points north. It is a useful tool for finding our way, especially when hiking or sailing. Sailors relied on compasses to navigate vast oceans, making them one of the most important inventions in history.

Its invention changed the world by enabling exploration and trade across great distances. Invented in ancient China, the compass initially served for fortune-telling before its navigational utility was discovered. Today, it remains an essential tool for adventurers. While GPS technology in smartphones has become incredibly popular and convenient, compasses still hold their value in remote areas.

???nglish highway:To have smth up one's sleeve

''To have something up one's sleeve'' is an idiom which means someone has a hidden plan, idea or trick.

E.g. She always has something up her

sleeve to surprise her friends.

He wondered what she had up her sleeve.


initially (adv) 起初

align (v) 对准

rely (v) 依赖

navigate (v) 导航

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