发布 : 2024-4-24  来源 : 明报新闻网


Game 1(明报制图)

Game 2(明报制图)

【明报专讯】■Game 1

Eason has issued an impromptu challenge to the Smarties. In this playful game, the Smarties must locate Eason hidden among a sea of mischievous monkeys. Can you spot Eason faster than the Smarties?

(See the picture)

■Game 2

Personification(拟人化) is a literary device that gives human qualities to an inanimate object. The Smarties are testing each other on this enchanting concept. Will you join them? Help by pairing the following verbs with the things they describe.

(See the picture)

1. leaves.

2. raindrops.

3. star.

4. thunder.

5. wind.

.A. tap-dance

.B. chatter

.C. whisper

.D. wink

.E. roar

Now, try to invent your own personified sentence. Give a human trait to an everyday object or a natural element.

Your sentence:



impromptu (adj) 即兴的

a sea of... (phr) 很多

literary device (n) 文学手法

chatter (v) 喋喋不休

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[Smarties' Power English 第408期]