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【明报专讯】Do you have a smart TV at home, which allows you to stream music and videos, browse the Internet, and view photos? It looks like Eason hasn't caught up with the latest trend.

“ Eason: I can't let the Smarties tease me! ”

“ Dr Panda: Don't be a litterbug like Eason! ”

“ Pat: I wish he would be severely punished! ”

“ Eason: How... How could you watch this video... ”

“ Dr Panda: Come on, you can browse the Internet on a smart TV! ”

???nglish highway:"wish + would"

We use "wish + would" to talk about something in the present that we would like to change. It is usually something that we find annoying.

e.g. I wish you would give up smoking.

I wish you'd stop making so much noise!


Choose the correct answers.

1. I want to play football. I wish it ( stopped / would stop ) raining.

2. I wish you ( would hurry up / are hurrying up ) - we're going to be late.

3. The driver's driving too fast. I wish he ( would slow down / will slow down ) a bit.

(Answers on next text)


catch up with (v phr) 赶上

tease (v) 嘲弄

litterbug (n) 乱丢垃圾者 / 垃圾虫

severely (adv) 严重地

[Smarties' Power English 第243期]