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【明报专讯】Pat: Did the school magazine team invite you to join?

Bill: Yeah, they did but I think I'm going to turn it down. Writing isn't really my thing.

Pat: That's okay! What other extracurricular activities are you thinking of?

Bill: Well, I'm thinking of turning back to my love for painting and joining the art club.

Pat: That's fantastic! When do you plan to turn in your application form?

Bill: I'll turn it in tomorrow and start exploring my creativity with the art club. Can't wait to turn my imagination into beautiful artworks!

???nglish highway:

Turn (smth/smone) down

To refuse an offer or request

E.g. She turned down the opportunity to work in Singapore. ●

Turn back

To return in the direction you have come from, or to make someone do this

E.g. We have to turn back, or else we will face danger. ●

Turn in

To go to bed

E.g. I usually turn in at about midnight. ●

Turn in [smth]

To return something to an organization or a person in authority

E.g. Please turn in your completed forms next week. ●

Turn in (smone)

To take a criminal to the police, or to go to them yourself to admit a crime

E.g. The hit-and-run driver turned himself in to the police the day after the accident. ●

Turn (smth/smone) into (smth/smone)

To change and become someone or something different, or to make someone or something do this

E.g. The Incredible Hulk is a character in a comic who turns from a scientist into a two-metre-tall monster.

■Gear up

1. My mum always _____ the most ordinary of ingredients _____ the most delicious of dishes.

2. The weather became so bad that they had to __________________.

3. The official showed up to tell her to _________________ her library books.

4. Given her qualifications, it is unlikely that her medical school application will be__________________.

(Answers on next text)


invite (v) 邀请

fantastic (adj) 非常好的

creativity (n) 创意

ordinary (adj) 普通的

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