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【明报专讯】Pat looks troubled sitting in front of the computer. What happened?

MoMo: Hey Pat, what's up? Is everything fine?

Pat: Not really. I'm trying to get a refund for the stuff I ordered at this online store (1) because the parcel has been returned as undeliverable. They said they can pay me back for the goods but (2) the shipping cost is non-refundable.

MoMo: What did you order?

Pat: (3) I bought some consumables like stationery and bathroom products. But there's also a bottle of perfume and it could not be shipped internationally (4) because it is inflammable.

The suffix "-able" can be added to words (especially verbs or nouns) to form adjectives or nouns.

e.g. Denis is very FASHIONable.

(Noun + suffix → adjective)

Mr Thomson is a RESPECTable gentleman.

(Verb + suffix → adjective)

■Now you try

Fill in the blanks with a correct word formed from the following words and "-able". You may need to use other prefixes (e.g. un-, non-, in-, dis-...) to make it meaningful.

accept / understand / believe / enjoy

1. The ghost story has too many flaws. It is completely _________________.

2. Thanks for the dinner party. It's been a very _________________ evening.

3. Stop it! You have been acting impolitely and it is _________________.

4. This essay is easily ________________ because it gives a good explanation to every point suggested.

(Answers on next text)


refund (v/n) 退款

shipping (n) 运送

internationally (adv) 国际上

inflammable (adj) 易燃的

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