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【明报专讯】Pat is feeling sad after a gathering with her old friends.

MoMo : Hi Pat, why have you come back so early?

Pat : I just met my old friends after lunch, and they decided to go cycling. And you know, I don't know how to ride a bike but I still rented a bike to ride with friends.

MoMo : So, did you learn how to ride a bike at last? I remember that it took me few hours to get used to balancing my bike when I learnt to ride a bicycle at 7.

Pat : No...I could not even balance my bike and ride for 10 seconds. And I got hurt eventually.

MoMo : Maybe, let's go biking again next month!

Pat : I just felt embarrassed and humiliated when I was on the bike. I am going to give up.

MoMo : I used to give up everything that I think I am not capable of doing it. Riding a bicycle is one of them. But, at the age of 10, I decided to challenge myself and learn how to ride a bike.

Pat : What's the result then?

MoMo : I am used to riding a bicycle after practice and support from my friends. Now I always go on a bicycle ride every weekend!

Pat : Can you teach me how to ride a bike,

MoMo : Sure!

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Used to + infinitive

A past situation that is no longer true, or a repeated action/state in the past which has now changed.

E.g. He used to be a footballer representing Hong Kong in the international football matches when he was young.

Be used to + ing

Someone is 'familiar with' or 'be accustomed to' something.

E.g. She has been to Edinburgh for an exchange programme so she is used to speaking English with a Scottish accent.

Get used to

The process of becoming familiar with something.

E.g. I'm finding my university life hard but I am sure I will get used to it soon.

■Gear up

1. He was not ______________ (do) gym so much so he felt extremely tired after yesterday's exercise.

2. It took me few months to _______________ (living) in a new town as the things are completely different from before.

3. My father ______________ (talk) some bedtime stories to me when I was small.

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gathering (n) 聚会

eventually (adv) 最后

humiliated (adj) 蒙羞的

capable of (phr v) 能够

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