Comic:Wholesale fish markets(组图)

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Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market

【明报专讯】Eason wakes up when everyone is still sleeping. What is he going to do so early?

“ Eason: Oh, no! I'm in a hurry! ”

“ Eason: Wow! It's only 4:00 a.m. but it is already bustling here! ”

“ Security staff: Excuse me, sir. We're not open to the public. ”

“ Eason: Oh, no! I want to get inside! ”

“ Dr Panda: Most wholesale fish markets are not for ordinary customers. ”

“ Bill: We're going to the one in Sai Kung. It's open to the public! ”

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■Know more

Hong Kong was a fishing village. Nowadays, there are still a lot of fishermen. The Fish Marketing Organization operates seven wholesale fish markets to provide well-organised wholesale marketing services for fishermen, wholesalers and buyers. Among them, the one in Aberdeen is the biggest and most crowded. Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market (imaged) operates from 4 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day. The busiest hours are in the early morning when fishermen unload boxes of fresh fish and shellfish from their fishing boats. After that, buyers purchase fish at wholesale auctions and then transport the fish to restaurants or markets.


wholesale (n) 批发

buyer (n) 采购员

unload (v) 卸货

auction (n) 拍卖

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